Metroid Resynthesized – Vinyl Record


One Run Records is proud to present Luminist’s masterful arrangement, Metroid Resynthesized for the first time on vinyl format.

Metroid Resynthesized takes the listener on an aural trip to a universe where Metroid wasn’t only an NES game, but a science fiction masterpiece for the big screen. When hearing Luminist’s cinematic handling of Metroid’s music it becomes easy to believe that Metroid could have been a high budget science fiction/horror film like Alien, or The Black Hole.

In Luminist’s words “I wanted to find out what the original NES Metroid soundtrack would be like if it was remade with REAL synths, 70s/80s style.” Not only did he succeed in finding that sound, but in many eyes he has surpassed the musicality of the original NES Metroid soundtrack. All 12 tracks evoke the heart and soul of Metroid, while expanding Hip Tanaka’s vision in depth and tone.

This limited pressing comes on a beautiful red, white and green “Metroid Larva” splatter, and a spot gloss UV coated jacket.

Metroid Resynthesized was cut at 45 RPM for maximum sound quality.

Music Arrangement and Perfomance by:


Original Music by:
Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka

Jacket Art:
Ben Shuar

Side A:

  1. Title Screen
  2. Samus Fanfare
  3. Brinstar
  4. Item Room
  5. Item Jingle
  6. Kraid’s Lair

Side B:

  1. Norfair
  2. Ridley’s Lair
  3. Tourian
  4. Mother Brain
  5. Escape
  6. Ending

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