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We’ve teamed up with Ship to Shore PhonoCo once again to present the original video game soundtrack to Konami’s classic shoot-em-up LIFE FORCE (AKA Salamander). An off-shoot of the phenomenally successful GRADIUS series, LIFE FORCE took players into a world of body horror, fighting giant brains, mummies, and other assorted weirdos. The game also continued Konami Kukeiha Club’s unparalleled winning streak when it comes to pulse pounding, brain blasting music.

Side A of this release features the original NES/Famicom version of the soundtrack familiar to game fanatics the world over. Side B features the MSX version which took advantage of the Konami SCC add-on chip, giving this version’s FM Synthesis sound even more of a punch. Featuring new album artwork from Tbone & Aljax and liner notes from games’ journalist Anthony John Agnello, this is a release that game music fans must not miss.

Pressed on Brain Golem Swirl (Red and Purple swirl), this One Run Records exclusive colorway is limited to just 125 units!

Huge thanks to Ship To Shore PhonoCo for giving us the opportunity to present this exclusive variant for a fantastic soundtrack!

Due to an incredibly large amount of production variance in this particular pressing coloration and pattern cannot be guaranteed. The photos indicate just some of the potential design you may see, and were taken of the final product which in hand. Though all are swirled some may show additional effects such as blob in blob, A-side/B-side color differentiation, etc. 

International orders may be subject to customs charges, which are the responsibility of the buyer.

Due to the on-going situation with Covid-19, please allow flexibility with shipping times.

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